Some of you may remember my mentions of a recipe organization project. Well, the first draft is done!

The pages are tables of recipe names and locations, organized by ingredient. If a recipe is good for multiple ingredients, it’s listed in all places that apply.

This was an improvement on a previous attempt to get myself organized, where I made a list of what typically comes at any given time in the season, with recipes noted in the margin.

The current edition is by no means complete, but perfect is the enemy of good. I’ve assembled the pages in a clamp binder, and I will add recipes by hand and input them into the digital file as I go, so I can eventually print an updated copy.


Let’s start with the generic greeting: welcome to my food and cooking blog.

Now that a formal hello is out of the way, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Stevie, and I’ve been a member of my local CSA for about 5 years now. I’ve become increasingly enthusiastic (some might say “obsessive”) about cooking with my CSA share – avoiding as much waste as possible, trying new things, experimenting with my own takes on recipes, and ultimately feeling good about the choices that I make about meals for my family.

This is the second season that I’ve been posting pictures and recipes on the facebook page for my CSA, but the interface there can be kind of clunky. So, I’ve finally decided to start a blog. I’ll be sharing photos, links, recipes, descriptions, tips, etc. for using your farm share.

Because food is seasonal when you’re living the CSA lifestyle, you’ll find my posts line up best with your needs and timing if you’re living in the northeast, though you’re of course able to visit recipes at a later date for when they work. For those of you who are playing along at home and are local, the CSA I am a member of is the Bloomfield-Montclair CSA. Their website is here:¬† and the facebook group is here:¬†

The individual farms included in my shares are:

Circle Brook Farm

Tree-Licious Orchards

Griggstown Farm

Wrong Direction Farm

I highly recommend seeking any and all of them out, even if you are not a member of the CSA at this time.

When I post recipes, I will do my best to be clear about the ownership of a recipe. Unless I’ve specifically noted that I’ve made something up, I am not claiming ownership to the recipes. You’ll find a link in the menu to a page full of cookbook recommendations. As time goes by, there will also be a page of links to other cooking blogs and cooking sites, as well. Please bear with me as I build the site.

I’m looking forward to sharing my delicious hobby with you all. Happy eating!