CSA weeks 5, 6, and 7

I’ve had some technical difficulties getting Dropbox to sync my pictures. I’m excited to say I’ve fixed the problem! Here are the past few weeks of CSA pick ups, told in pictures.

Week 5: July 7


We get an email with the share, but I’ve always preferred to take a picture of the board. Sometimes the specifics vary by site (one might get broccoli while the other gets cauliflower, for example), and the email doesn’t specify amounts. It’s a nice record to keep.
Little Chef has gotten very helpful and independent.

Week 6: July 14

It was so incredibly hot that day. You can see it in my face, ha. No pictures of Little Chef, as he declined to wear shoes and SERIOUSLY REGRETTED his life choices.He ended up spending the time standing on the lawn, because the blacktop was too hot.

Playhouse Zucchini Bread. Made this to take camping with us the next day.
Finished product. Delicious.

Week 7: July 21

“Ugh, it’s really hot again…. and I forgot to take pictures so I’ll take one in the car afterwards.”
Summer has exploded. You might notice a discrepancy between my share and the board I have double the eggplant and no summer squash, because I traded with a fellow member who does not care for eggplant. For those keeping score at home, that means I had 8 eggplants.


4 thoughts on “CSA weeks 5, 6, and 7”

  1. Exciting times in the kitchen at the Tryson House. All of your produce looks good and the recipes you come up with are sure to be winners!

  2. Have you succeeded in reproducing the Asian eggplant dish that you get at the Thai restaurant? If you have, please send me the recipe (but don’t waste your time trying to convey how to make it hot).
    Love, Nancy

    1. I haven’t, yet! I tried one very disappointing Thai eggplant recipe last summer. (It was possibly the blandest thing to come out of my kitchen all summer. Yuck!) Now that the eggplants are coming in again, I’ll experiment and get back to you.

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