Quarantine Meals #1

These first few (or many) posts will be a retrospective… as I write this, it’s March 31st, but we officially quarantined our household on Friday, March 13th. That’s two and a half weeks – so far – for those who are counting. The existential dread of waiting to see if we have the virus has lifted, so let’s look back at the excellent ways we’ve been eating.

Friday the 13th, Little Chef went to school for the last time, and Littlest Chef and I ran some errands. It was Spouse’s first day working from home, as well. We did one more “panic stock-up” at Greengrocer Foodhub, and I stopped at Supreme Bakery for some bread and rolls.

That night, we had delicious sandwiches – tomato for the 5 year-old, but BBQ Baked Tofu for the adults.

Everything about this sandwich was amazing. The tomato came from Greengrocer – I don’t know what voodoo the farmer was working, but that tomato actually tasted like it was in-season! The greens were also from Greengrocer – pea shoots and swiss chard. Barbecue baked tofu is easy, though requires a little time. You take the tofu out of the packaging, wrap it in paper towels, and place it in between 2 cookie sheets. Place some gentle weight on top – I use soup cans – and leave it for an hour or two. Then slice, put into a container, and top with the marinade of your choice (in this case, barbecue sauce). Leave it in the fridge to steep as long as you please – the longer the better – and when you’re ready, put the slices on a baking sheet lined with foil (you’ll thank me at cleanup) and bake at 375. Flip the tofu after about 10-15 minutes, and bake for another 10-15, until the texture seems right. It should be dense and not watery anymore, with a little more backbone than regular firm tofu. Don’t fear any burned bits of barbecue sauce – just like when cooking wings, that’s bound to happen. The finishing touch here was the Portuguese rolls from Supreme Bakery.

After my delicious dinner and the usual routine of getting the kids to bed, I had a conversation with my sister-in-law that spooked me. She felt that we should be prepared for longer than the official reports were saying (and it turns out, she was right, though not as dire as she was warning). Of course, this came at the worst time of year for me – we’re skidding through the end of the off-season. I was purposely letting my freezer run down so I could defrost it before the mania of CSA season. I didn’t can much of anything last year, because I had an infant. I began to panic… and blanch and freeze every vegetable in my fridge that would tolerate it.



No harm done. Actually, the broccoli in the last picture went into my dinner tonight, but that’s a post for a different time. Stay tuned for further quarantine meal chronicles…


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