Summer 2019 Begins

Longtime readers will recognize a pattern: “real life” gets full, and my blog goes silent. Then, I come back with a summary post, which tends to begin with “So…”


Little Chef graduated Pre-K on the 18th! They had a pizza party, ice pops and sprinkler play, and a “bridging up” ceremony. It was a beautiful day, and thanks to my amazing baby-sitter, I got to spend the whole day there for my older son without the baby in tow.

For those of you keeping score at home, that was a Tuesday, which is also CSA day. We also had OT and Littlest Chef’s 4 month pediatrician appointment, all in the same day. Blog posts were certainly not happening. I consider myself lucky that I got the haul into the refrigerator. However, I did get a picture of the share for the week:

Lettuce, Spinach, Salad Turnips, Scallions, Summer Squash, Peas, Bok Choy, Swiss Chard, Cilantro… Apricots, Blueberries, Cherries… A dozen eggs, a broiler chicken, and a pound of ground turkey.
The first week of summer vacation proceeded to be… rainy. Very rainy. So, Little Chef, with children everywhere, was climbing up the walls. To top it off, I was still seeing students – the public schools didn’t end for another week. So, still, no blogging.
We tried several times to get to pick strawberries, and we were foiled by the weather until the 24th. (How was that only 5 days ago?) We headed up to my old stomping grounds, Sussex County. Little Chef was much more enthusiastic about picking than in previous years.
Tuesday the 25th, we got our CSA share again.
The flowers were a gift from a student. The vegetables and fruit were:
Lettuce, Beets, Snow Peas, Broccoli, Garlic Scapes, Summer Squash, Kale, Escarole, Dill, Dandelion Greens… a dozen eggs… and Blueberries and Strawberries. (Apricots came in our share, but I left them for the food pantry. We’re not really big on apricots, and we got them the week before.)
I haven’t done anything particularly out-of-the-box the past couple of weeks. I did make a tasty pasta with summer squash and pesto. Thursday night, I made a fritatta with the escarole, garlic scapes, summer squash, and cherry tomatoes that I got at the strawberry farm. We had Asian-style noodles on Wednesday, which Spouse ended up cooking, since I was stuck in traffic after going to Crayola with my kids and their grandmother. That dinner used the broccoli, snow peas, more of the garlic scapes… I also made a spinach quiche for coffee hour at church last Sunday.
For these down times, if you’re interested in seeing snippets of what I’m doing, I highly recommend following me on facebook (Omg, CSA!), Twitter (@omgcsa), or Instagram (@omgcsa). I’ve been posting real-time pictures of many of these adventures.

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