It’s the week before the season starts…

… and my inbox is hopping. All sorts of last-minute updates are coming in. I wanted to share one of them with you.

Toni’s Kitchen is a soup kitchen in Montclair. It serves hundreds of thousands of meals a year, in addition to its Healthy Backpack Program. I could go on at length about the good Toni’s does in the world, but I will leave it at that to move on to my larger point. I’ve noticed over the past couple of years that there have been shares purchased for Toni’s Kitchen at our CSA, in addition to our tradition of bringing any leftovers for them. It turns out that there’s a coordinated fundraising effort happening by one of the members, started as a Bar Mitzvah project. It’s called “Generation Zero.” I want to encourage you to check out their facebook page and perhaps donate if you feel so inclined. The help here is twofold – not only does the soup kitchen benefit, but our local farmer is also supported. It’s a win all around.

If you’re local and interested in joining a CSA, but have not made a move yet, we do have some spaces still available. Let me know if you want the information to sign up.

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