Second Breakfast

I remember sitting in the midwife’s office, six weeks or so after having my first child, and incredulously stating that I felt hungrier than I did while I was pregnant. The midwife’s answer was straightforward: “You should be. And you should be eating more than when you were pregnant.”

There’s something about the enormity of creating an entire tiny human that seems like it should be a bigger energy draw than feeding that tiny human, but it turns out not to work that way. Breastfeeding can give you a deficit of up to 1,000 calories a day to work with, according to some sources I’ve read, and experientially, that hunger is REAL. It is also sudden. This leads me to my hobbit-like “second breakfast” from this morning.

I came home from a trip to the library with Littlest Chef and found that I was starving, despite it only being 10:30 in the morning. I’m still in a winter funk of wanting junk, processed food all the time, so I talked myself out of some patently unhealthy options and split the difference. Eggs. I was going to make myself some eggs, and I could use the deli meat we had in the fridge to satisfy the part of me that wanted junk food.

Now, these aren’t just any eggs. These are homestead eggs from Chelsa. Not only do I know that these chickens are leading a very comfortable life, but they also make the most delicious eggs, because their diet is so good. The yolks are richer and the eggs are bigger than anything you’ll find in the store.

I cooked two eggs up in a small frying pan with some olive oil – over easy, because I wanted super runny yolks. I then put these eggs on toast with ham and cheese, topped the whole thing off with a generous grind of himalayan salt and multicolored pepper, and put pickled mushrooms from Picklelicious on the side.

I realized afterward that I had microgreens in my fridge that I could have used, but again, I’m out of practice. It was still delicious.

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