June, Market, and CSA

Happy June!

Yesterday was the West Orange Farmers Market, the West Orange Street Fair, and the first week of my CSA share with Greengrocer Foodhub (formerly/run by Coeur et Sol – more on that later), so there’s plenty to report from the land of local eating and vegetables.

With the arrival of my first share, plus with the knowledge that we’d be out at the fair for a while, we did a little less shopping at the market this week, but we did get some interesting things! Hubs and I split a vegan spanakopita from The Little Eggplant, and it was delicious. We got some pickled mushrooms and citrus olives from Picklelicious. Last but certainly not least, we got a couple of different types of sausage from Roaming Acres.

On to the CSA share. It’s funny, with the new system that Chelsa has implemented this year, I didn’t even register that this was the first week. I’ve been buying “add-on shares” from her over the winter and spring, and I ordered as though it were a regular week. The thing is, I signed up for a share option where I get to build my own share each week, against a pre-paid credit, so it came out of that and was technically my first share. The way she has it set up, she is able to source from multiple farms, which gives an interesting variety, since everyone has their specialties. (You can get cheese! And honey! And other things – those are just some examples.)

So! The convergence of this CSA deliciousness and my farmer’s market trip led to a great dinner. We had pasta with chicken-basil-tomato sausage, broccoli rabe, and a sauce made of diced tomatoes, garlic, and white wine. We also had a salad of romaine, spinach, salad turnips, and microgreens.

Here’s the mechanics of how I made it. As I mentioned to Stacey, the manager of the market, I kind of shoot from the hip when I’m making my own recipes, so this is about method more than exact measurements.

I cooked the chicken sausage (cut into bite-sized chunks) in some olive oil until cooked through. I then added several (4 or 5) cloves of garlic, chopped. I stirred that around until the garlic got fragrant, maybe a minute or so. Then I added the white wine and deglazed the pan. I let that bubble for a few minutes before adding in the can of diced tomatoes and the prepared broccoli rabe. To prepare the broccoli rabe, I cut off the tough ends at the bottom and blanched the rest – leaves, buds, flowers, and all – in boiling, salted water for about a minute and a half. I then rinsed it in cold water and cut it into bite-sized pieces, which are what I added to the sausage-garlic-wine-tomato business in the pan.

The result was delicious. Even my preschooler enjoyed it! Though he did not partake of the salad, as is usual.

This morning, I failed to take pictures of breakfast, but we did have the other sausage I purchased from Roaming Acres – Blueberry-Maple Ostrich Sausage! That was a new one for us, and it turned out to be delicious. I got up early enough to make pancakes and those sausages before the kids and I headed out to church this morning. It was a good way to wake up, yum.

This afternoon, I had my orientation meeting for this year’s season of Bloomfield-Montclair CSA. Shares for that start on the 11th. Strawberries are also coming soon – my favorite place to go is Sussex County Strawberry Farm. What an exciting time of year!

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