West Orange Farmer’s Market Opening 2019

Today was the first day of the new West Orange Farmer’s market. My picture game started strong, and then it faded… I spent the better part of two hours sampling delicious food, meeting new people, and running into people that I already know.

Little Chef was thrilled with our hot dog lunch. He had a plain hot dog, but I got one with mac and cheese and bacon on it – yum. Hubs got one that had onions and sriracha on it.

Some expected, known vendors were there – Coeur et Sol and Picklelicious. Others were new to me today, like Jana’s Jammy (delicious cherry amaretto jam and mango pepper jam) and River Valley Community Grains.

Speaking of the latter, I tried spelt today! I’m sold on it, and I made some for dinner. It’s chewy, with body like wheat berries. I’ve never gotten wheat berries truly right, though, and this cooked up beautifully. I kept it simple, with homemade chicken stock and a healthy splash of garlic vinegar at the end. The salad was Coeur et Sol’s mix with some extra arugula, radishes, cherry tomatoes, and bacon bits. The main protein was simple boneless, skinless chicken thighs cooked in honey mustard. It felt good to have a simple, hearty meal on a market day.

I used the remaining arugula and radishes already. I sauteed them with spices (onion powder, garlic powder, basil, parsley, chili powder) and made them into a fritatta with some Circle Brook eggs and Parmesan. It’ll make a good, hearty breakfast tomorrow.

I’m exhausted now; this is the most activity I think I’ve done in two weeks – I was so sick even before my surgery. I feel satisfied with the day, though. Looking forward  to an amazing summer.

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