Butternut-Pear Salad

I’m not one for making salads from cookbooks. I know the basics of which flavors match, and I know how to make my own dressings. I don’t often bother to follow someone else’s directions. However, last night, I made a salad from a new cookbook I picked up this week: Fresh From the Farm: A Year of Recipes and Stories. (PS, the link says one price… go into the store if you want this book and can. The hardcover is on the bargain rack for $8 right now. They must have released a paperback version.)

The salad jumped out at me, because it had roasted butternut squash and pears – both of which I had in abundance – and a lime-ginger vinaigrette, which sounded (and was) delicious. It turns out that the cookbook author has a blog, and the recipe I tried is mentioned in this post, though the recipe in that post is for a different salad. (Of course she wants you to get the book… and this is why I try to respect cooks & authors by not reposting their recipes if they have not made them readily available on the internet, themselves.)

One massive pear
Ready to roast
The finished product

It was a good use for many ingredients that I already had lying around. When Susie suggested using frissee in the salad mix, it shook me out of my habits. We got frissee this week, and typically, my response is to make white bean & escarole soup and shove it in the freezer. Hooray for expanding my range! This only took half of the buttnernut squash that I purchased at the farmers market last Saturday (in a burst of motivation that then fizzled), so I roasted the other half in the skin so I’d have some squash puree. I’ll likely turn that into squash & apple soup later. Pears turn really quickly, and this was the first week we got really whomped with pears in our fruit share, so I was glad to have an excuse to get at least some of them consumed immediately.

Be prepared, this salad makes a huge amount of food. We had two containers of leftovers after this meal (which included salmon and rice), though the fact that Little Chef is resolutely against salad at the moment doesn’t help that situation.

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