A brief note on the sparse summer

I began this season with high hopes of cooking adventurously and posting often. I’ve, instead, managed to cook passably and post sporadically. I’ve mentioned my mother’s illness in passing, but there have been a couple of factors at play, and I just want to give a quick nod to why things have been sparse around here. (Hopefully it will also be reassuring for future improvement!)

I don’t want to dwell on talking about my mother’s illness, partly because it’s very personal and partly because I don’t know that any of us need more sad or distressing news, with the state of things right now. In short, my mother was hospitalized at the beginning of July. Two weeks in the hospital and three in sub-acute rehab later, I found myself needing to place her in assisted living. This was not a decision that was easy, nor was it taken lightly. She’s 59.  But, in short, it was the best decision for her. “Settling in” has taken this long, and is not even really complete. At 34 years old, I’ve found myself steering this ship, practically and legally. To say it’s been “a lot” is staggeringly understated.

Summer 2018 has proven to be a summer of both drastic highs and lows, however, as there has been happy news on the home front. We’re adding a Littler Chef (name subject to change) in February!

Our announcement photo

This is happy, welcome news. We actually knew for several weeks before my mom got ill, so timing has all been very strange. Why has this affected my blog? My first trimester – which, this time, included morning sickness and pretty severe exhaustion – lined up perfectly with the height of summer. It’s really, really hard to be enthusiastic about food when all of it makes you turn a little green.

Thankfully, we’re past that! I’m about halfway through this pregnancy, and food has regained its appeal. I’d forgotten what a sweet spot the second trimester is, and I’ve been enjoying it. Hopefully, this will mean an uptick in posts as we coast into the true fall part of the season. Look out, squash and root vegetables, I’m coming for you!

In a blessing/curse scenario, many of you probably know that our area has had a soggy, gross summer. So, this summer’s shares would not have been representative of typical years, anyway. Many crops – including some of my favorites, like tomatoes and beans – have really suffered from the soggy weather. I’m hopeful (as is my farmer) that the season will finish out fairly strongly, and then we can all pray for better weather next year.

This is CSA life. Real life, all tangled up with what we eat.

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  1. We are happy to hear you are on the flip side of your pregnancy, and look forward to your fall menu selections. We’re in Texas right now at Boudro’s Bistro on the Riverwalk in San Antonio, then up to Austin for a few days, then over to see Nancy at Lake Livingston. Lots if hot and spicy!

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