Feeling Saucy

Here I am, produce aficionado, CSA blogger, and all-around foodie, and until last night, I could say that I’d never used my crop of fresh tomatoes to make traditional marinara sauce.

Honestly, I’d attempted once, and I got frustrated when the peeling & seeding process was not as easy as I was promised. I don’t know what I did differently then; the instructions were the same: slice an “X” into one end of the tomato, submerge in boiling water for ten seconds, then drop into an ice bath. the skin starts to peel away from the “X” and is easy to slough off.

Between my two shares, I had a ton of tomatoes this week – more than even this tomato fiend could handle. So, I got brave and made my own sauce. I used this recipe as a basic guide. The sauce came out looking lighter simply because there were yellow tomatoes in the batch that I used; it’s funny to me that it came out looking like vodka sauce, yet not tasting that way.

I packaged the sauce last night and left it in my refrigerator, with plans to amend it this morning. As a stand-alone sauce, it’s wonderful! I just like variety.

I kept one pint of sauce plain.

Into one quart of sauce, I added the beautiful chard I got in my Coeur et Sol share this week. I sauteed the chard just enough to make it start to wilt, then I mixed it in to the sauce. (I reserved the stems for later. They could go into my stock bag, but I will likely throw them in my food processor when I make carrot green pesto later.)

For the remaining quart, I sauteed cremini mushrooms until they were browned and tender, then mixed them into the sauce.

All three containers are now in my freezer, awaiting their chance to be part of some satisfying autumn or winter dinners.

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  1. I look forward to, and enjoy your beautiful creations. The sauce looks so good and the additions to it are mouth watering.

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