Pancakes, logistics, and real life

Lest you find yourself under the (incorrect) impression that I’m some sort of magical unicorn that can be raising a four-year-old and get everything done that I set out to do…. it’s confession time. My Bloomfield-Montclair share sat in a heavy-duty cooler bag with a bunch of ice packs overnight, and I’m just getting to it now.

And, you know what? That’s okay! Everything is perfectly perky and I actually got to collapse into bed at a reasonable hour. Things will get done today.

I did make pancakes last night with the first bit of my blueberry order. It was an investment in my morning happiness. It was very, very worth it. (Fun tip – if you make the pancakes ahead of time, you can heat them in your toaster in the morning. They freeze well if you want to plan ahead further than just the night before.)

Ever wonder what 20 pounds of blueberries looks like? This. This is what 20 pounds of blueberries looks like.

And, while we’re at it, here’s the share from Chelsa this week. It’s not as great of a picture, because I was rushing.

We had a great opportunity to talk about the fluctuations in the seasons – we’re now hitting the long, hot stretch of the summer where the salad greens taper off for a bit, yet we’re in the brief period before the tomatoes and other deep-summer vegetables have ripened up. It’s interesting to me (though I’m sure frustrating for her) to see the natural progression play out in a small-scale, brand new farm, as opposed to being a little cushioned by the size and experience in Farmer John’s operation. It’s also fun that I get different things from Coeur et Sol than I do from Circle Brook, despite both being North Jersey farms.

This is eating with the seasons. We didn’t always have the option of on-demand access to whatever type of vegetable we desire.  This is part of getting back to eating locally, with the seasons, and sustainably. It often turns out that nature has better ideas in mind than I would have in the grocery store, anyway.

I have some interesting meals planned, so stay tuned.


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