Blueberry Season

Today is it. Blueberry day.

Bloomfield-Montclair partners with a farmer in Hammonton – the home of the domesticated blueberry – to do bulk purchases of blueberries every year. I am a GIGANTIC fan of blueberries, so I look forward to this with varying levels of mania every year. I feel like I got extra lucky this year; our delivery  usually comes right before July 4th, which usually coincides with our yearly trip down to southern Delaware  with the family. On more than  one occasion, I’ve carted absurd amounts of blueberries down to Delaware and back, simply because we’ve done pickup as we’re pulling out of town.

This year, I have all of the time I need to wrangle the berries. I’m looking forward to it.

Pickup isn’t until 2 pm, so for now, in anticipation, I present photos from a recipe I made over the weekend. I was on the team to provide food at coffee hour this week, so I popped over to the farmer’s market on Saturday morning to buy some blueberries from Ginger. (The farmer who provides our fruit share has a stall at the Walnut Street Farmer’s Market in Montclair. Tree-licious Orchards. Give her a visit if you’re local!) I proceeded to make a Blueberry Buckle.

Shocking to no one, this recipe came from Thug Kitchen. The original calls for blackberries, but at the end, they say you can use any berries you please. I’ve always made it with blueberries, and it’s always come out stunningly well. The cutesy reason for calling this a “buckle,” rather than a cobbler or coffee cake or whatnot, is apparently that there are “so many berries, it’ll make the pan buckle.” Groan.

First, there are the blueberries throughout the batter. I really like the texture this comes out, by the way. The trick seems to be that it’s part oat flour and part regular flour.

Then, you take more berries and sort of lightly smush them into the top of the batter.

Topped with a crust made of all sorts of good things, like brown sugar and oat flour…

Baked until it looks like this little piece of heaven.

Learn from my previous mistakes and put a layer of foil on the rack underneath your baking treat. Blueberry juice boiling over is pretty much inevitable.

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