Some of you may remember my mentions of a recipe organization project. Well, the first draft is done!

The pages are tables of recipe names and locations, organized by ingredient. If a recipe is good for multiple ingredients, it’s listed in all places that apply.

This was an improvement on a previous attempt to get myself organized, where I made a list of what typically comes at any given time in the season, with recipes noted in the margin.

The current edition is by no means complete, but perfect is the enemy of good. I’ve assembled the pages in a clamp binder, and I will add recipes by hand and input them into the digital file as I go, so I can eventually print an updated copy.

Kale Chips

File this one under “Stevie, you’re the last to get on the train.” I know kale chips have been a “thing” for years, now. I tried them a while back – my friend made her own – and I wasn’t too into them. It’s been several years, though, and I had a batch of small, tender kale, so I decided to give it a shot.

I dried the kale, then drizzled it with olive oil, then massaged it to get the oil all over the leaves. In a mixing bowl with a lid, I made a spice mix – garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper, paprika, and nutritional yeast, though you could obviously do any combination that suits your fancy. After that, I added the kale, put the lid on the bowl, and shook to cover the leaves.

I then arranged them on a parchment-lined baking sheet and baked at 350. I turned them once, and I think total I left them in for about 15 minutes. Really, you need to just watch them for consistency, because the thickness of the kale you have will affect the amount of baking time required.

I waited to salt them until after they were baked. I think I overdid it on the salt by a little bit, but otherwise, they’re pretty darn good! We’re supposed to go hiking tomorrow, and I’ll bring them as one of our snacks.

The wait has ended!

Today was the first CSA pickup (turned delivery – this is what happens when you’re friends with the farmer and schedules get hairy) for my Coeur Et Sol farm share. Folks, it’s beautiful.

The share was: bolted bok choy, French breakfast radishes, Salad turnips, radish microgreens, kale, half a dozen eggs, a lettuce mix, 2 heads of mini lettuce, and bread from Swampy Vale Farm.

Tonight, for dinner, we had a salad that consisted of the salad mix, salad turnips, radishes, and a mix of raisins, craisins, and dried blueberries from Trader Joe’s. We had slices of the bread toasted in the broiler, buttered, with radishes and sea salt on top. We topped that off with the last of the soups that were lingering in the freezer from last season – Hubby had escarole & bean, which is his favorite, and Little Chef and I had Vegetable Soup Base fleshed out with white beans and mushrooms.

To celebrate, we also had Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA. YUM.

Tonight, I prepped breakfast for tomorrow. I sauteed garlic and the greens from the radishes and salad turnips, then added scrambled eggs with salt, pepper, paprika, and parmesan to make a fritatta.

It’s been a satisfying beginning to the season, and it’s only been 8 hours. Hooray!

Oh, and I dressed the part this evening.