Surprise Bonus Eggs

For anyone who follows my twitter (@omgcsa), this post is not a surprise and is largely repeating myself.

This week, we got a 4-pack of colorful eggs along with our microgreens!

I immediately wanted to implement them for breakfast on Tuesday, so I planned to make a fritatta. Fritattas are super versatile and easy. I’ve always loved omelettes, but I’m hopeless at flipping them without making a mess. Fritattas are the answer.

To build any fritatta, scramble your desired number of eggs with some milk (non-dairy milk works fine, too, if you have some degree of lactose intolerance, like myself). Whisk in spices and herbs of your choice. Cheese as well, if you’re so inclined. If you’re using large greens, onions, etc, saute them in the pan first. With the microgreens, I added them directly to the egg mixture – I didn’t want them to overcook. Dump everything in a frying pan and cook, without touching anything, until the eggs are mostly solid with some puddles on top. Transfer the pan to the broiler and cook until lightly brown on top.

Fritattas hold up well as leftovers, so often, during regular CSA season, I  often make them on Tuesday nights for the next couple of days’ breakfasts. When we have a large influx of greens, it’s a good way to get a head start on using them.

My plan for this fritatta was to use the remaining beet microgreens and the new Genovese basil microgreens, along with some soy cheese, garlic, and black pepper. I did end up doing this with three out of the four eggs…


…after my preschool-age son demanded, at eight o’clock at night, that I scramble  the blue egg for him. He ate it all, so I’m glad that I agreed to this out-of-the-ordinary snack.



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