Microgreen Meatballs

Tonight was a low-maintenance night. That’s been the pattern of late – larger meals on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday… a leftover night on Wednesday, something easy on Thursday, and then a “picnic in the living room” on Friday nights (which usually means tapas, but will be homemade pizza this week) along with a movie. Thus, tonight was a spaghetti night, and I did not expect to find myself posting about anything.

However… I still had some signature mix left over from this week’s microgreen share. I also miraculously still have some ground turkey from my poultry share in my freezer. I’m perfectly happy to have eggplant croquettes with pasta, but my 3 year old son’s reaction last week was essentially, “You’ve got to be kidding me. Where are the meatballs?” I’ve historically put fresh parsley into my meatballs, and I figured that parsley was of a comparable hardiness to the microgreens, so why not give it a shot?

They turned out quite tasty, though next time I’d like to use a larger quantity to get a stronger flavor. I worked with what I had, though. Regardless, I’m content that I wheedled a little extra nutrition into my preschooler via his beloved meatballs tonight.

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