Winter CSA

“I…. did a thing….” I sheepishly said to my husband a couple of weeks ago.

He looked at me. “Yes?”

“… I joined another CSA.”

“That is completely unsurprising.”

Via facebook (oh, algorithms, you’re on to me), I saw some ads for a local CSA that was just starting. They were offering a share for microgreens that would run for 8 weeks in the winter. There would be to-your-door delivery. I couldn’t help myself. “YES, SIGN ME UP FOR THE WAITING LIST,” I thought in all-caps as I threw myself at the computer screen.

Long story short, come New Year’s, I got the green light to sign up, and join I did.

The CSA is from Coeur et Sol Farm in East Orange, NJ. As I mentioned, my first delivery was yesterday, and so far I am really pleased and excited to see what the rest of the season brings.

First, let’s talk about the amazing customer service and presentation involved here. The owner and farmer, Chelsa, hand-delivered my share to my door. The sprouts are in beautiful individual flats, so they stay planted right up to the moment that you’re ready to eat them.

The flats came in a paper bag with tags outlining the nutritional value involved in this week’s share (pea shoots and amaranth, in this case), and an envelope containing a recipe and a note from the farmer inside.

Now let’s talk about the greens themselves. I had some of the amaranth right away, on the salad I was eating when the share was delivered. Today, after discovering that the peas grew enough overnight to pop their lid, I looked for an idea to consume them as soon as possible. The recipe card had a suggestion for pasta with garlic, chickpeas, olive oil, etc. I’ve got a bit of a cold and am dragging, so instead, I made some pasta salad, in a riff off of that idea. I used the quick-cook 3 minute macaroni, olive oil, garlic vinegar, pea shoots, and salt and pepper. It was very tasty. If I were feeling better, I would have made it more intricate, but it was definitely satisfying.

I also made a can of tuna and scooped some of it onto saltines. I then topped each tuna cracker with pea shoots and amaranth. The result was really beautiful and quite tasty.

Thus begins my foray into the world of microgreens, and my expansion of my CSA experience beyond my beloved regular-season share.

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