Sweet Potato Enchiladas

Oh, boy, here we go. If you thought you were free from me endlessly praising Thug Kitchen, you thought wrong.

A couple of weeks ago (Hey, no shame – Thanksgiving is a busy time. These will be catch-up posts.), I made the Sweet Potato, Squash, and Black Bean Enchiladas from Thug Kitchen. I didn’t have any summer squash (I’m cooking seasonally here, and trying not to buy things that aren’t already in my giant box of vegetables), but they came out fantastic, anyway.

I used a white sweet potato, which I steamed in my bamboo steamer.

These got smashed and cooked up in a pan with some onion, beans, and spices.

The sauce was absurdly easy to make. Who needs jarred?

Some whole-wheat tortillas from Trader Joe’s and a pan to drown the wraps in…

Baked and topped with some cilantro. Delicious.

They were really satisfying. Filling and warming, as enchiladas should be. Though they were vegan, it didn’t feel like anything was missing. The beans and potatoes gave them plenty of weight, without using any meat or cheese.

On a slightly more meta note…

I always do a quick search before posting these recipes. Thug Kitchen does post some of their recipes online, but the vast majority are not, since they obviously want you to buy their cookbook. I’ve seen other blogs repost the entire recipe, but that makes me feel unsettled; surely that’s a copyright problem? Anyway, I want to regale you with the images of my delicious adventures through these recipes, and you’re free to try to approximate on your own or find the recipe from other sources, but ultimately I really would want you to just buy their cookbook. It’s worth every penny, and you’re supporting a couple of specific (hilarious, creative, and socially-conscious) people. The cookbooks make great Christmas presents, too.

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