Last regular-season pickup

It’s a bittersweet time of year. My freezers are packed, and more vegetables are on the way in the stock up share next week. I’ve spent the last 25 Tuesday nights (with the exception of the week I was on vacation) washing, prepping, cooking, and scheming. I’ve got enough potatoes backed up to feed an army. So, in some ways, sure I’m ready for the season to end. At the same time, I never feel ready. I obviously love the cooking and planning that goes into using everything in my share, but I also love the friendships I’ve been making with other members and the community aspect of the whole deal. We’re super lucky in that our farmer sends weekly updates from the farm via email, too, so I’ll be missing that in the off-season.

I mentioned the stock-up share. Every year, on the week of Thanksgiving, Farmer John offers a bulk share of vegetables to “stock up.” There are some last greens and perishable veggies, but it’s primarily onions, potatoes, and squashes, that keep well if you know where & how to store them. It’s a great deal and gives him one last economic boost (there’s an extra charge) before heading into the off-season. If you’re local and are interested in buying a stock-up box, send me a message. They open it up to non-members. You have until Friday to get your order in.

ALSO, if you are local, let me know if you have an interest in joining the CSA next year. There are available memberships going into next season! If you’re interested in buying a share or splitting a share with someone, I can give you all the details of what’s involved. Sign ups usually happen in March, but it’s never too early to start thinking about it.

Off-season does NOT mean I will be discontinuing this blog. I have many meals that I photographed during October but did not manage to post; we had some family-related commitments that took precedence over blogging, understandably. I’ll work my way through those, as well as updates as I cook my way through my stock-up box. I am working on a new system of organizing my recipes, so there will be some technical posting about that, plus I’ll use some of the down time to flesh out the site, including fleshing out the page of recommended cookbooks.

And so, I bid a fond farewell to Tuesday pickups for the 2017 season.

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