Buttercup Squash Follow-Up

For a squash that I’d never heard of before joining the CSA, buttercup squash sure has a following on the internet. I came up with ten recipes to try with hardly any effort. I’m hoping we get a few in the stock-up share next week, so I can expand my experimenting.

The recipe I decided to try was this one.  My three-year-old is not big on squash right now, so I was hoping the lure of apples (one of his favorite foods) would balance it out and get him to eat some.

… well, he ate the apples. Sigh. Toddlers.

Anyway, this made a tasty side dish. Even though it claims to be “for 2,” this lasted us through 3 meals as a side. My squash was bigger than the recipe calls for, and I increased the roasting time, though not enough. The apples started to brown before the squash was really soft. For reheating, I wrapped the halves in foil, and I think I would do that from the beginning to help urge the roasting on.

Overall, a pretty good choice!

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