Weekend meals

I find I’m really pleased with the balance of the CSA memberships I have. On Tuesdays, I get the traditional, farmer-dictated pickup from Bloomfield-Montclair, and on Fridays or Saturdays, I get my subscription box from Greengrocer Foodhub, the order for which has to be in by Wednesday night. Because of this timing, I can use my subscription box to fill in things that weren’t in my traditional share, and I can count on a weekend of good cooking.

This week, we had a great series of summertime dinners. One night, we grilled chicken burgers and had steamed zucchini (not original, I know, but I love it), as well as “Cauliflowers Patties” which turned out to basically be cauliflower latkes. The only thing I would change in the linked recipe is that I might drain the cauliflower shreds a bit – they gave off quite a bit of water, which made the patties a little less apt to stay together.

We also had a movie night this weekend. Anyone who knows us knows that means a “picnic in the living room.” I made crudites out of a bunch of veggies I had on hand, with hummus for dipping, and we had cheese and crackers. Plus, I made summer rolls. It took me a little while to get the hang of making them look decent – but they sure tasted good.

Sunday night was a delightful mashup. I made “Beet Tartare,” which I’ve mentioned in previous posts. It’s basically a shredded beet salad that you can eat on toasts or crackers. I got corn in my subscription box, so that made an appearance. I also set out to make Thug Kitchen’s lentil and red bean meatballs, but I had a kitchen issue…. namely, I wasn’t paying attention and put way too many lentils into the bowl. It wasn’t coming out the right consistency (well, duh), so I decided to wing it. I added more breadcrumbs and some spices, and I made them into mini “meatloaves” in a muffin tin. They got served with the marinara I’d made for the meatballs. Delicious. Last (but not least), I made a grilled sweet potato and scallion salad. YUM.

It’s Tuesday again, so I’ll be posting about my share later.

Easter Leftovers II – Fried Rice

This one is a recipe we just used fresh in our house – the only leftovers went with my husband to work the next day!

I used the basic fried rice recipe found here.

I actually didn’t change anything, except that I had a bag of “mixed vegetables” in my freezer, rather than just peas and carrots.  I also added scallion microgreens, in addition to the fully-grown scallions that the recipe calls for. It was delicious.

Crab Salad

It’s so easy to fall into ruts when it comes to lunch. Especially with a preschooler in the house, it’s often easier to default to the basics: sandwiches, salads, etc. More often than not, my lunch is pretty plain.

I wanted something different today, and I’ve had a package (actually a couple of packages) of imitation crab meat hanging around in my fridge. By the way, if the phrase “imitation crab meat” makes you want to get on a purist high horse, please scroll on by… you can make this with “real” crab meat if you have it, of course, but imitation is a budget-friendly substitute that works well in things like salads.

I did a search the other day for ideas to use up the crab, and this recipe for a crab salad sounded like a good idea for lunch.

Overall, the salad came out well. I did a halfhearted job of julienning the cucumbers. I was partway through before I remembered that I have a mandoline, so next time I’ll do a better job.

I tweaked a few things: they do not specify, but I used rice vinegar (they don’t specify), a little less sugar (personal preference), and I added scallions. Next time, I’d actually add even more scallions, and possibly some sesame seeds. I’m just now realizing, too, that I forgot to add in the panko! Whoops. It was clearly fine without it, but I can see how that would improve the texture.

I served the salad on a toasted piece of multi-grain bread and topped it with scallion microgreens from Coeur et Sol. A simple side of carrots and a glass of seltzer rounded out my tasty lunch.