Wednesday Evening Lentils

Wednesday’s dinner was a great success.

I started off with just a concept in my head – lentil curry – and I ran with it. I cooked the lentils in stock until they were tender, and boiled this week’s cauliflower until it just started to soften up. I then transferred all of that to a chef’s pan with a bunch of spices – curry powder, onion powder, garlic powder, ginger, paprika, cinnamon – and let it simmer for a few minutes. I added the leftover corn from last night, cut from the cobs, and half a can of coconut milk. I tested for taste and added salt and some more garlic, onion, and paprika. This I served with basmati rice and a quick raita.

My understanding of raita is that you’re supposed to strain the yogurt first, to make it thick, but I’d forgotten to do that ahead of time. So, I just used plain yogurt (which I got through Wrong Direction Farm, who partners with my main CSA) and salted cucumber chunks, and it tasted perfectly fine.  (Mediterranean Harvest is my original source for how to make raita, by the way.)

We had naan for a side, but that was pre-made. I also took the 4 adorable purple bell peppers that I got from Snapping Turtle Farm and stuffed them with hummus and chopped cucumbers. My 5 year-old especially appreciated that part of the meal.

I love meals like this, where everything is flavorful and filling, but doesn’t leave you feeling like you’ve eaten a brick. Cheers to a well-spiced vegetarian meal.

Beautiful Dinner

Dinner was beautiful tonight.

We had a colorful salad, consisting of salad mix, pea shoots, baby salad turnips, and radish flowers from the Coeur et Sol farm share. It also included a cranberry/raisin/blueberry mix, shredded carrots, sliced cucumber, grape tomatoes, and basil orange balsamic chicken.

To make the chicken, I cubed boneless/skinless breast and marinaded it in a ziploc bag. The marinade was a little bit of EVOO, balsamic vinegar, basil from my own container garden, some garlic powder, and a healthy splash of orange juice. After letting it marinade in the fridge for an hour or so, I cooked it in a chef pan over medium-high heat until the chicken was done.

Last week, at Chelsa’s recommendation, we ate sliced breakfast radishes on toasted, buttered bread. Tonight, as a variant on that, I made garlic bread from a loaf of ciabatta bread, and then we topped it with sliced French breakfast radishes (from Coeur et Sol) and fresh chives (from my window box). Heaven.

Little Chef is vehemently against salad at the moment, so he had  his meal in pieces, with the addition of some hummus and some almonds.

Food that looks good, tastes good, and makes you feel good. Ohhhh, late spring, welcome back.


Crab Salad

It’s so easy to fall into ruts when it comes to lunch. Especially with a preschooler in the house, it’s often easier to default to the basics: sandwiches, salads, etc. More often than not, my lunch is pretty plain.

I wanted something different today, and I’ve had a package (actually a couple of packages) of imitation crab meat hanging around in my fridge. By the way, if the phrase “imitation crab meat” makes you want to get on a purist high horse, please scroll on by… you can make this with “real” crab meat if you have it, of course, but imitation is a budget-friendly substitute that works well in things like salads.

I did a search the other day for ideas to use up the crab, and this recipe for a crab salad sounded like a good idea for lunch.

Overall, the salad came out well. I did a halfhearted job of julienning the cucumbers. I was partway through before I remembered that I have a mandoline, so next time I’ll do a better job.

I tweaked a few things: they do not specify, but I used rice vinegar (they don’t specify), a little less sugar (personal preference), and I added scallions. Next time, I’d actually add even more scallions, and possibly some sesame seeds. I’m just now realizing, too, that I forgot to add in the panko! Whoops. It was clearly fine without it, but I can see how that would improve the texture.

I served the salad on a toasted piece of multi-grain bread and topped it with scallion microgreens from Coeur et Sol. A simple side of carrots and a glass of seltzer rounded out my tasty lunch.