Week 9 – the tropical storm edition

Well, that was an exciting pickup week.

In anticipation of the incoming storm, our pick up time moved from 2:30 to 11, and the fruit share was canceled for the week. Ginger is going to send us a double share next week.

I love the hauls in the middle of summer. This is all stuff I love, and I’ve delegated almost everything.

Last night, we had Taco Tuesday. One of the bell peppers made it into the tacos. The others got blanched and frozen. The beans got blanched and frozen. Tonight, we’re having Garam Masala Chicken Stew, which includes the red skin potataoes and a couple of the onions. Tomorrow, we will do BLTs. I’ll make some traditional bacon, but I’m also going to make eggplant bacon. We’re also going to have beet-zucchini pakoras. Friday has been our takeout night during the pandemic, so we’ll do that on Friday. Saturday, we are going to have zucchini-rice casserole. If you’re keeping a tally on the summer squash, the remaining one went into zucchini bread that I made last night. I’ll do some sort of pasta on Sunday, and I’ll likely work the basil into that if I don’t use it sooner. We got cabbage, too, and I’m thinking I will do slow-cooker golombki on Monday. That leaves the swiss chard unaccounted for; I’m unsure if I’ll freeze it or cook with it this week.

CSA Share, Week 8 – July 28, 2020

This week, I didn’t have my young helper. Well… he came along, but insisted on remaining in the car. So, we have fewer cute kid pictures than usual.

This week was the first appearance of ground cherries in 2020.

Still more eggplant – going to make some croquettes this week. I went to link to an old post that I swore existed, but somehow I haven’t blogged about croquettes! That will come along shortly. They’re my go-to when I have an abundance of eggplant.

We ate sausage stir-fry last night with some of the onion and bell pepper. The night before was summer squash soup with homemade biscuits. I’ll make an entirely separate post about that recipe, as well – it used five of the vegetables in this week’s share as ingredients!

Happy Friday!

CSA weeks 5, 6, and 7

I’ve had some technical difficulties getting Dropbox to sync my pictures. I’m excited to say I’ve fixed the problem! Here are the past few weeks of CSA pick ups, told in pictures.

Week 5: July 7


We get an email with the share, but I’ve always preferred to take a picture of the board. Sometimes the specifics vary by site (one might get broccoli while the other gets cauliflower, for example), and the email doesn’t specify amounts. It’s a nice record to keep.
Little Chef has gotten very helpful and independent.

Week 6: July 14

It was so incredibly hot that day. You can see it in my face, ha. No pictures of Little Chef, as he declined to wear shoes and SERIOUSLY REGRETTED his life choices.He ended up spending the time standing on the lawn, because the blacktop was too hot.

Playhouse Zucchini Bread. Made this to take camping with us the next day.
Finished product. Delicious.

Week 7: July 21

“Ugh, it’s really hot again…. and I forgot to take pictures so I’ll take one in the car afterwards.”
Summer has exploded. You might notice a discrepancy between my share and the board I have double the eggplant and no summer squash, because I traded with a fellow member who does not care for eggplant. For those keeping score at home, that means I had 8 eggplants.