West Orange Farmer’s Market Opening 2019

Today was the first day of the new West Orange Farmer’s market. My picture game started strong, and then it faded… I spent the better part of two hours sampling delicious food, meeting new people, and running into people that I already know.

Little Chef was thrilled with our hot dog lunch. He had a plain hot dog, but I got one with mac and cheese and bacon on it – yum. Hubs got one that had onions and sriracha on it.

Some expected, known vendors were there – Coeur et Sol and Picklelicious. Others were new to me today, like Jana’s Jammy (delicious cherry amaretto jam and mango pepper jam) and River Valley Community Grains.

Speaking of the latter, I tried spelt today! I’m sold on it, and I made some for dinner. It’s chewy, with body like wheat berries. I’ve never gotten wheat berries truly right, though, and this cooked up beautifully. I kept it simple, with homemade chicken stock and a healthy splash of garlic vinegar at the end. The salad was Coeur et Sol’s mix with some extra arugula, radishes, cherry tomatoes, and bacon bits. The main protein was simple boneless, skinless chicken thighs cooked in honey mustard. It felt good to have a simple, hearty meal on a market day.

I used the remaining arugula and radishes already. I sauteed them with spices (onion powder, garlic powder, basil, parsley, chili powder) and made them into a fritatta with some Circle Brook eggs and Parmesan. It’ll make a good, hearty breakfast tomorrow.

I’m exhausted now; this is the most activity I think I’ve done in two weeks – I was so sick even before my surgery. I feel satisfied with the day, though. Looking forward¬† to an amazing summer.

OMG 2019

I’m so over the first half of 2019. I’m not special when I say this; I know many people who are going through some crazy life things right now. Our world is mad, the news is absurd… but in any case, personally, this has been a stretch I could do without.

I spent Mother’s Day weekend in the hospital. Whee. I had my gall bladder out – not just stones, but an infection, as well – which went smoothly, thank God. I’ve been home for a couple of days recovering. I’m in the expected amount of post-surgical pain, but I’m feeling better in a core-health kind of way, so I suspect I was sick for longer than I’d realized. Thankfully, my experience was as good as it could be (everyone at the hospital was so good to me), and there is much beginning and much to look forward to.

This weekend is the first market of the brand-new West Orange Farmer’s Market. I intend to go, and I certainly hope you will, as well, if you’re a local reader. It will be held in the lot at 80 Main Street and runs from 9 am to 2 pm. I’ll try to document my visit for you good readers, as well. You can find the TapInto article on the market here.

The other exciting thing coming up is the Greengrocer Food Hub, which Chelsa is opening in Bloomfield. They’re running a kickstarter currently, and we’d all be grateful if you were to check that out and donate if you can. This site is going to fill a real need for a market for local produce in the area, and I suspect it will also turn into another opportunity for socializing among us locavores.