Crab Salad

It’s so easy to fall into ruts when it comes to lunch. Especially with a preschooler in the house, it’s often easier to default to the basics: sandwiches, salads, etc. More often than not, my lunch is pretty plain.

I wanted something different today, and I’ve had a package (actually a couple of packages) of imitation crab meat hanging around in my fridge. By the way, if the phrase “imitation crab meat” makes you want to get on a purist high horse, please scroll on by… you can make this with “real” crab meat if you have it, of course, but imitation is a budget-friendly substitute that works well in things like salads.

I did a search the other day for ideas to use up the crab, and this recipe for a crab salad sounded like a good idea for lunch.

Overall, the salad came out well. I did a halfhearted job of julienning the cucumbers. I was partway through before I remembered that I have a mandoline, so next time I’ll do a better job.

I tweaked a few things: they do not specify, but I used rice vinegar (they don’t specify), a little less sugar (personal preference), and I added scallions. Next time, I’d actually add even more scallions, and possibly some sesame seeds. I’m just now realizing, too, that I forgot to add in the panko! Whoops. It was clearly fine without it, but I can see how that would improve the texture.

I served the salad on a toasted piece of multi-grain bread and topped it with scallion microgreens from Coeur et Sol. A simple side of carrots and a glass of seltzer rounded out my tasty lunch.

Ready for Spring / CSA sign-ups

It’s March. Ohhhhhh boy is it ever March. Two Nor’easters in a week. It feels like spring will never come.

But it will…. oh, it will!

Sign-ups are out now for the CSA! Bloomfield-Montclair CSA is my original jam, and it is what you will see pictured in these posts. Coeur et Sol is also doing a CSA share this year – their first year doing so! If you’re local, I highly recommend signing up for either of these shares. Your money will be going directly to support a farmer, rather than padding the middle-man system, and both farms are organic. The price can’t be beat – averaging between 25 and 30 dollars a week for an abundance of high-quality produce. You can’t find a better deal, in my opinion.

Cooking continues in Command Central over here, though it’s definitely turned into dregs-of-winter clean-out-the-freezer fare. Lots of comfort food from the slow cooker, soups and stews.

I did make a pretty epic salad the other day. I was missing spring. It’s a spring mix, baby kale, soy cheese, craisins, peas, corn, edamame, chickpea microgreens, and baby radish greens. I’d intended to pan-fry some tempeh to put on top – this was going to be Meatless Monday for this week – but then Little Chef got an ear infection and we ended up at the pediatric urgent care. Thankfully, Dad grabbed pizza en route home to go with this. It was a good balance of comfort food and getting something green on a difficult night.

During the snow storm yesterday, Little Chef (that’s it, I’m calling him that forever, now) convinced me to bake a cake. We used this recipe, because it lined up with the ingredients I had on hand. It came out moist, chocolatey, and decadent. We happened to still have decorating supplies (gel, sprinkles, etc) from cookie baking in December, so the end result was pretty, as well as tasty.

Hope you all made it through the storm safe and sound, as well. Stay as cozy as you can while we keep this vigil for spring. It’ll be here eventually.